Discovery and Genetic Innovation.

Advancing genetic progress.

Harnessing technology to shape the future.
From artificial intelligence to robotics and automation, we’re at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology and innovation. We use these advancements to collect and manage critical data, optimize processes and ensure we’re delivering the best solutions for our customers.
Key Areas of Innovation
  • 01 Artificial Intelligence
    Optimizing processes and predictions for superior outcomes.
    At Cobb, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance poultry production, from breeder selection to broiler management. AI helps us predict outcomes, identify trends and respond effectively to dynamic industry demands. This technology helps streamline health management and welfare monitoring, leading to healthier, higher-quality birds. For our customers, this helps ensure consistency and provides valuable data for better informed business decisions. We are committed to harnessing AI to drive efficiency and deliver the insights our customers need to succeed.
  • 02 Data Systems Collection and Management
    Streamlining information for impactful insights and decisions
    Collecting and analyzing data from various sources helps us to find answers to problems, identify trends, make predictions and evaluate possible outcomes. We understand the accuracy of data collection is of upmost importance to preserve the integrity of our research and findings.

    Harnessing data is at the core of what we do and we use this data to make better, faster and smarter decisions.
  • 03 Robotics and Automation
    Female feeder
    Enhancing efficiency and precision in our operations.
    What got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrow. Robotics and automation can potentially revolutionize the poultry industry and help us meet future global sustainability and production needs. It is our intent to promote research, development and identify standards to promote responsible use of new technologies. With limitations of land, water and labor resources, we understand the importance of increasing efficiency and reducing production costs.
  • 04 Application of Biotechnology
    Unlocking new possibilities for improved health and productivity.
    Unlocking new possibilities for improved health and productivity.
    Imagine a world where genetics can help eradicate animal-bourne disease concerns, help reduce production costs and make production processes more manageable. We believe that biotechnology is a tool to not only help promote genetic progress, but to improve animal health and well-being for a more sustainable future of accessible, affordable and healthy protein.

Cobb Research Initiative

Funding future innovations

Cobb understands that research and genetic progress go hand in hand and it is paramount that we invest in new technologies and partner with researchers in the scientific community to develop and implement new innovative production techniques, while also amplifying the health and well-being of the birds we raise and provide to our customers around the world. Our Research Initiative underscores our dedication to innovation in poultry genetics. 

This program seeks partnerships with researchers to further genetic progress and answer key issues facing the global poultry industry.

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Focused on sustainability and performance

Cobb’s primary purpose is to serve our customers using innovative research and technology to make protein available, healthy, and affordable worldwide. We have placed a heavy emphasis on digital with the intention of helping support and advance important attributes.

Focus areas include manageability, better hatch, lower mortality, higher egg production, fertility and hatchability – with a goal of increased rate of genetic progress for weight, yield, breast meat and feed efficiency, including beneficial feeding behaviors.

Production Traits
End Product
Animal Welfare
Cobb Proving Grounds
A pioneering global research and innovation center. The first of it’s kind in poultry.
Elevating Product Development
Our new testing center will transform product development and deliver on customer needs through high-volume, high-quality data. This facility marks a new era for broiler product development and will expand product data 50-fold, accelerating genetic progre
Decision-Making Certainty
Proving Grounds offers end-to-end product pipeline development to support commercial production scale trials, to help accelerate genetic progress and deliver improved performance.
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Futureproofing through continuous innovation
Genetic innovation is about anticipating the future of sustainable protein to meet global needs.
We do this by developing systems and processes through innovative technologies to help solve for global needs such as: eradicating animal-borne disease and sustainable genetic progress to feed a growing world population. These are only a couple of areas that we are excited to tackle as we innovate for the future.

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