Cobb Proving Grounds to Deliver Unprecedented Genetic Predictability - Marks a New Era for Broiler Product Development

Pioneering global research innovation center will transform product development and deliver on customer needs through high-volume, high-quality data


Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA, Oct. 30, 2023 — Cobb is revolutionizing how it develops and brings broiler breeder products to market using scale and technology to yield comprehensive, accurate performance data.


The Cobb Proving Grounds will expand product data fifty-fold to accelerate genetic progress and bring an unmatched level of performance reliability and consistent quality to customers. Proving Grounds will include a range of state-of-the-art genetic research facilities with scale and environments comparable to commercial production conditions around the world.


Dr. William Herring, Vice President of Research and Development at Cobb, affirms, “The Cobb Proving Grounds represents a new era in genetic progress. For poultry, this unique approach brings together data, science and innovation to shape the future. Other industries have successfully implemented this concept, and we’re eager to apply it to the broiler industry for the benefit of our customers.”


This new product development model allows proven product introductions at a pace never seen before in the poultry industry. End-to-end pipeline development will support 100 times more parent stock placed per year for trials with 400 times more broilers placed per week for commercial-scale trials, compared with previous Cobb trial volumes.


Proving Grounds will enable decision-making certainty for customers and help deliver genetic progress with a focus on profitable, high-performing and reliable genetics. Customers will be armed with insights and product guidelines to manage flocks before Cobb chickens are on their operations.


“This investment is a commitment to Cobb’s global customer base and displays our focus on the future,” said Joyce J. Lee, President at Cobb. “Innovation through technology, health and operational excellence are all evident and are critical success factors to ensuring a sustainable poultry supply chain. We look forward to the products that will come from the Cobb Proving Grounds and the impact this facility will have for all broiler producers. We welcome any of our customers to the Proving Grounds once operating.”


Facilities renovation and expansion projects are underway with the first bird placements scheduled for November 2023, with an information flow to commence immediately.

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