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What I will learn

Boost your career and enhance your skills. You will be better equipped to effectively ventilate your poultry houses and achieve the highest potential of your birds. Receive a certificate for each module on completion to prove your competence.

Module 1: Ventilation to control air quality and moisture

Module 2: Negative pressure basics and Measuring & improving poultry house tightness

Module 3: Perimeter inlets and Circulation fan systems

Module 4: Basics of bird cooling and Heat stress & bird density

Module 5: Tunnel ventilation design and Airspeed uniformity

Module 6: Evaporative cooling concepts, energy efficient fan choices and their maintenance

Who is this for?

  • Those already working in a poultry farm environment looking to update their skills and knowledge
  • Individuals looking to work within the poultry farm environment
  • Farm Management looking to refresh skills and check latest best management practices
  • Individuals looking to explore a career in the poultry industry.

Meet the experts

Brendan Graaf, Cobb EMEA Broiler Specialist.

Brendan joined Cobb Europe in 2019 as a Broiler Specialist, with a Masters degree in Poultry Science and 9 years of field experience he supports our distributers and their customers.

Andrew Bourne, World Tech Support

Andrew has 25 years of poultry experience and joined Cobb in 2005 based in the UK before moving to USA, providing broiler specialist & ventilation advice to customers worldwide.

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How It Works

It is simple to sign up to our 12 week Ventilation program and complete the course, read the below steps and start learning now!

Enrol on the Ventilation course
Access modules as they are released
Each module should take up to 1.5 hrs
Download the course materials
Listen and learn
Additional support available if needed
Complete module assessment
Receive your module certificate on completion.
At the heart of Cobb Academy, you’ll find a reservoir of poultry wisdom, distilled from decades of real-world experience. Our technical experts, seasoned by hands-on practice, are here to share their deep insights, ensuring that every learner emerges better equipped and informed.

Dive in, and become a part of this transformative journey of continuous learning and growth.
Top Tips for Distance Learning
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Create a study space removing distractions.
Schedule in the time for the course.
Use your calendar to set milestones for each module.
Take breaks.
Ask for help if it is needed.
Record your success!

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