Breeder Management

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What I will learn

Boost your career and enhance your skills, this course will enable you to build a management program to achieve the highest potential of your flock. Receive a certificate for each module on completion to prove your competence.

Module 1: House preparation & brooding and Early growth & maturity management

Module 2: Uniformity & grading and Breeder nutrition

Module 3: Transfer to light stimulation and Feeding towards peak production

Module 4: Lay persistency & feed reduction after peak and Floor eggs and egg handling

Module 5: Male management in rear and Male management in production

Who is this for?

  • Those already working in a poultry farm environment looking to update their skills and knowledge
  • Individuals looking to work within the poultry farm environment
  • Farm Management looking to refresh skills and check latest best management practices
  • Individuals looking to explore a career in the poultry industry

Meet the experts

Pieter Oosthuysen, Sales & Technical, EMEA

Kanjana Blumberg, Sales & Technical, APAC

Luciano Keske, Sales & Technical, South America

Andrew Catlett, Nutritionist, EMEA

Paul Welten, Sales & Technical, EMEA

David Engel, Sales & Technical, North America

Your journey, simplified.

How it works

It is simple to sign up to our 10 week program and complete the course, read the below steps and start learning now!

Enrol on the Breeder course
Access modules as they are released
Each module should take up to 1.5hrs
Download the course materials
Listen and learn
Additional support available if needed
Complete module assessment
Receive your module certificate on completion.

About Cobb Academy

Our team is proud to present the Cobb Academy. Our technical experts have real-world experience in the subjects they will be teaching, so you can rest assured you are learning from the best in the industry.

Access to free courses as they are released with the ability to study on demand at your own pace.

Listen and learn from experts in their field as they teach you about key areas within each topic.

Access and download additional reading materials to help you complete your learning journey and assessment.

Certificates to show completion will be received for you to keep in your own personal portfolio.

We will be building on the course library to keep content fresh and up to date. If there is a topic you would like to see please do let us know.

Top tips for distance learning.

Distance learning can be very different from watching one of our webinars or sitting in a classroom. Read our top tips on how to make the most of your learning experience and help you get ready.

Create a study space removing distractions.
Schedule in the time for the course.
Use your calendar to set milestones for each module.
Take breaks.
Ask for help if it is needed.
Record your success!

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